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water works & swd
road projects
Projects undertaken:
  • Desilting and Improvement of Storm Water Drains & nallas including increasing / reconstruction in Catchment No. 218 i.e. Mogra Nalla system in K/East & K/West Ward.

    1. Laying of 150 mm dia. Chembur
    2. Laying 600 mm dia. G.R.P.W.M. along Deonar Periphery
    3. 150 mm dia. CIWM at Nagar in M/E Ward
    4. 300 mm dia. DIWM
    5. Fixing 900 mm dia. BFV in Cheeta Camp
    6. 900 x 600 mm dia. Cross connection at junction of R.C. Marg & HPCL internal Road in M/E Ward

  • C.C.encasement to 108”dia U.V.main, 96” dia Vaitarana main and 72” dia Tansa (E) & (W) main from Mulund to Balkum.

  • Provision for Civil Works like Excavation, Shoring, Encasement, Construction of S.V. Chembers, / Re-Placement / diversion of W. M, Cross connections, Pro. Sv/BFV for the improvement of Pressures in city.

Upcoming Projects:
  • ES - 26 Training /Widening/Deeping/ Reconstruction of Vashi Naka Nalla System, M/W Ward (Catchment Area No. 509)
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